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Cheap Alice Springs Campervan Hire and 4X4 Rental

I’m sure you’ve all hear about Ayers Rock – or Uluru as we like to call it. It’s been sacred to the Aboriginal people here for thousands of years and with good reason - it turns some spectacular colours at sunrise and sunset and is just generally humungous!!! Nevertheless – a lot of people who haven’t visited this landscape do not understand the amazing diversity of desert animals, vegetation and waterholes that this region possesses. And what they really won’t understand is the magical vastness, silence and incredible isolation of Australia’s Red Centre.

Alice Springs and nearby – pickup your hire car, hire camper or 4x4 Rental here!

Lets’ Rock Tours is based in Alice Springs – just across the street from the Alice Springs Visitors Centre. So I guess this is the best place to start your Red Centre adventure. The quirky outback town of Alice Springs sits just 200 kilometres south of Australia’s geographic centre. From here you can bushwalk, 4x4 or cruise the surrounding terrain in one of our sexy little Minicampers. There’s a tonne of stuff to check out – the crazy little Bojangles pub and the dry Todd River are all shrouded in the shadows of the vast, brilliant MacDonnell Ranges. It’s a town like no other in the world.

Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park – best seen in a Rental Camper or better yet – a 4x4 Hire

Uluṟu rises 348 metres above the vast, flat desert deep on the middle of Australia. There’s an airport here and a resort – but unless you’re a millionaire – the flights in and out are probably out of your price range. Your best bet is to get a hire vehicle (hey - why not rent a camper from Let’s Rock!). With the freedom of Alice Springs camper rental comes the true desert experience – if you see a dead camel, you can stop and take a picture – if you see a big ass emu, you can stop and say hello.

When you get to Uluru (about 500km south of Alice Springs) take a walk around Uluṟu’s base and bask in the magnificence of the Rock and see first-hand why the natives have regarded this olace as sacred for thousands of years. At its best at sunset and sunrise – Uluru can also be climbed (although be aware that the local aborigines regard this as disrespectful and do not advocate it). Around 40 kilometres West you’ll find Kata Tjuṯa - massive, rounded domes created by over 500 million years of erosion. Because Kata Tjuta is a National Park, you’ll have to park your camper or 4x4 in the Resort for the night – camping is only around $12 per night. There’s showers, toilets and bbq areas – even a pool, so this is definitely a sweet little deal for the night.

Let’s Rock Uluru Tours offer the most freedom, the best prices and the sexiest staff to make your camper hire, car hire or 4x4 rental in the Alice Springs the most special experience of your life!